Godfather Karpal Singh Slam Dunk Warlord P.Ramasamy!!

PRAI: DAP national chairman Karpal Singh today told Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy to behave and not let power to get to his head.

Karpal also demanded Ramasamy to immediately retract and apologise for his godfather remark against the party veteran leaders, especially him.

“Who is Ramasamy anyway? He is a creation of the DAP.

“I told the press before and I’m repeating it now … he should never act like a war lord.

“No one can be war lords in the DAP,” chided Karpal in a hard hitting speech aimed at Ramasamy at Penang DAP convention in Pearl View Hotel here today.

Karpal said Ramasamy’s unsavoury godfather remark would only invoke images of mafia.

“DAP will not tolerate mafia. DAP is for all races,” he said.

Karpal reminded Ramasamy that the position of DCM 2 was a honour to ethnic Malaysian Indian community.

“But Ramasamy should let the position to get into his head. He cannot do things as he like.

“Anyone who comes to the DAP must rise through the rank. You won because of DAP.

“You can’t just come around and do as you like,” he slammed Ramasamy - FMT.

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