KeMALUan Siapa Lebih Besar Sekarang?? @NajibRazak atau @AnwarIbrahim???

Their official website illustrated the meeting as … “a cornucopia of intellectual fare with some 260 sessions on everything from the Secrets of the Universe to Fixing Capitalism, and a cast of the world’s intellectual, business, arts, cultural and social giants. [From 25-29 January] it has been a week of superlatives, the most participants, sessions, snow, media coverage… you name a record and we have broken it”

Surprise! Surprise! Malaysia was recorded to be the 21st best in performance from 142 nations, improving from the previous position of 26th.

But that was not what daring me to write this. As much as we should be proud of what our country had achieved, there will always be people who diligently opposed to this kind of recognition - of course the opposition, headed by “Mr You Know Who” - goes without saying. The opposition has been blasting bombs and grenades over Malaysian’s ruling coalition, bombarding BN as incompetent, corruptive and even calling them SUCKS!

Little do they mind that Malaysia has performed extremely strong in certain fundamental areas such as education, infrastructure and government, ranking second in ASEAN after Singapore but definitely well ahead of other regional competitors.


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