[English] - @rafiziramli Was Stunned By @Khairykj’s Words?

Recently, the video of UMNO Youth Chief, YB Khairy Jamaluddin debating against PKR Strategic Director, Rafizi Ramli has shown maturity in political transformation for UMNO itself. Likewise, Keris want to say congratulations to YB KJ for being modest when arguing.

From this video, I think any critical person could see Khairy did well. And Keris was shocked with the scene that showed that the audience were very matured. They cheered for any good points either from Khairy or Rafizi and there was no 'boo' heard. Keris has never seen such a scene in Malaysia as the audience is usually very partisan.

You all should watch (here) to understand how YB KJ could easily rebut all the points brought up by Rafizi.

K7L : I heard that Rafizi was stunned by our Youth Chief’s words..Is this true?..poor Rafizi?.. haha!



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