Salahuddin Ayub Hanya Bergurau - Enggan Mohon Maaf Kepada Biduanita Negara Sharifah Aini & Ning Baizura?

From The Mole :

KUALA LUMPUR: Pas vice president Salahuddin Ayub said he was merely joking when he said local superstars Datuk Sharifah Aini and Ning Baizura will join Pas.

He allegedly mentioned the names of the two popular singers in his speech at a dinner function in Tampoi, Johor last month.

“I was actually misquoted by the newspaper,” Salahuddin said.

“During the tail end of my speech I said there is a new phenomenon of artistes supporting Pas. I remember jokingly saying that hopefully Sharifah Aini and Ning Baizura will join Pas too. But it has been misinterpreted,” Salahuddin told The Mole.

In a Sinar Harian report on June 30, Salahuddin was reported to have named Ning Baizura and Sharifah Aini alongside Hairie Othman, Abby Abadi and Bob Lokman as local artistes who had expressed their support to Pas.

While Salahuddin claimed that he was merely joking, Ning Baizura was however not tickled.

Not mincing her words Ning Baizura wrote in Twitter on Thursday: “PAS sebar fitnah katanya sy Ning Baizura dah masuk parti pembangkang & sebarkn gambar sy bertudung utk drama thn lepas dr koleksi saya!” (Pas has spread lies saying that I, Ning Baizura has joined the opposition and they distributed a photo of me wearing the “tudung”. It is a picture from my collection for a drama last year!”)

Expressing her disappointment over the issue, Ning wrote in another Twitter post saying: “I love wearing tudung/hijab when the time comes i will insyaallah do it, but pls do not exploit my creativity for yr own politics” (I love wearing tudung/hijab when the time comes I will insyaallah do it, but please do not exploit my creativity for your own politics).

Further to that, Ning also wrote: "Orang Islam tak patut sebar fitnah tanpa bukti yg kukuh org Islam x payah menggunakan gambar org tanpa kebenaran itu perangai org Islam ker?" (Muslims should not slander without any concrete proof, Muslims should not use use other people's picture without permission. Is that the behaviour of a Muslim?)

Sharifah Aini too did not seem to feel what Salahuddin said was a joking matter, firmly saying that she has no intention of joining any opposition parties.

In an article by Agenda Daily on Thursday Sharifah Aini was quoted as saying: “I support the government and I have no intention to join any opposition parties be it PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) or Pas.”

While Salahuddin said he was merely joking, Pas’ newsletter Harakah Daily dated July 5 had published an article that was exuberant about the prospect of the two superstars joining Pas.

The article stated if it’s true that both Sharifah and Ning are joining Pas it would make a big impact to Pas and Pakatan Rakyat.

Blogger Tun Faisal in his blog tun faisal dot com said since the two superstars had denied about them joining Pas, it was incumbent upon Salahuddin to apologise to the duo especially after using their names for Pas' political expediency.

Following the denial of the two singers, Tun Faisal described the episode as Salahuddin's continuation of Pas' tradition of slander.


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