[Video] New Media Won't Be Decisive Factor In GE-13?? @TunFaisal @KhairyKJ @NajibRazak

KUALA LUMPUR, July 19 - New media will not be a decisive factor in the next general election although it can affect the people's perception towards a political party, said Umno Youth New Media Unit chairman Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz.

He said however, new media would be a component that could influence the pattern of voting, way of thinking and the political landscape.

"New media helps shape the perception of the people in supporting a party, but it will not be the winning factor, instead the implementation of government policies will be the yardstick.

"In politics, new media helps bring leaders closer to the people to enable them to respond quickly, including rebutting allegations and disseminating party's policies," he said after taking part in the 'Radar Khas' programme on the new media influence in the 13th general election hosted by Radio24 and AntaraPos.com, a private television portal here Thursday. -BERNAMA


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